Dr. von Finckenstein has an ambulatory in the center of town of Starnberg, Bavaria, by the Starnberg lake, as well as a hospital ward in the Klinikum Starnberg.

We do not have a bulk of patients to get through daily. Our structure is manageable and personal and gives place for enough time for each patient.

Buch "Gestrafft und Abgesaugt"

With over 40 stories in 16 chapters Dr. med. Joachim Graf Finck von Finckenstein delivers insight into the diversified, witty daily work of plastic and aesthetic surgery. Amusing misunderstandings between warped ears and buckled noses, patients with strange self perceptions, relatives dropping a brick, and queernesses of doctors give the description of the merry world of this guild.

Titel: "Gestrafft und Abgesaugt"
Autor: Dr. Joachim Graf Finck von Finckenstein
Verlag: Minerva Verlag, Darmstadt 2010, 136 Seiten
ISBN: 3-937948-20-1
Erhältlich beim Minerva Verlag

Contact Information

The practice is located 20 km south of Munich, in the city of Starnberg. It is accessible by car taking the A95 motorway towards Garmisch-Partenkirchen, or alternatively by train (S-bahn) taking the S6 towards Tutzing, arriving in Starnberg.

Praxis in den Seearkaden

Wittelsbacherstr. 2a
82319 Starnberg
Phone 0049 8151-29968
Fax 0049 8151-89149


Kreiskrankenhaus Starnberg

Plastische Chirurgie
Oßwaldstr. 1
82319 Starnberg
Phone 0049 8151-180
Fax 0049 8151-18212


Lokale Ärztekammer:

Bayerische Ärztekammer
Mühlbauerstr. 16